• "Dr. Kripsak is an excellent doctor with fantastic 'people skills' and knowledge. I had a torn rotator cuff injury. Dr. Kripsak did PRP injections which completely cured the pain. I have fully recovered and can't thank him enough for the treatments, which alleviated the problem. My shoulder is absolutely fine now and I credit Dr. Kripsak with a fantastic outcome! Kudos to Dr. Kripsak!! I will tell all my friends."
    Suzanne Seilus
  • "I am so grateful to Dr. Kripsak for his integrity, professionalism and support during my recent PRP procedure on both knees (November 9). After almost ten years of experiencing arthritic pain in my knees, I am happy to report that I am pain-free. It’s still a little unbelievable! After just a few days of swelling, I was walking without pain. At my physical therapy appointments, I actually had to learn to walk again! My therapist, who had treated me previously, said: 'They look like regular knees now!' 

    My orthopedists in the past had suggested knee replacements, but I really felt I was too young (at 56 years old) to undergo that radical procedure. On the other hand, I couldn’t walk without pain, and had a noticeable limp on most days. As Dr. Kripsak reviewed my MRIs, it turned out that not only was the cartilage gone in both knees, but I was also suffering from three undiagnosed meniscus tears.

    I am now walking, biking, doing Pilates and yoga at least three times a week, and just generally feeling great. I’ve even lost ten pounds since the first of the year with my increased levels of activity. And it feels so good to have legs that work when I need them. And above all, my attitude is so much better. The pain is gone, and apparently, it doesn’t show up on my face anymore. What a relief to have found Dr. Kripsak! I can’t thank him and the Bridgewater Medical Group enough! They’ve given me a new lease on life!
    Karen Flaherty
  • "Over the course of 10 years no doctor was able to tell me why I was in pain or why I had limited strength and mobility. One doctor suggested a hip replacement when I was 20. I assumed I would live with the pain, grow old with the pain and be in a walker at an early age. A close friend recommended Dr. Kripsak for PRP therapy. I had chronic hip pain for 10 years with no diagnosis and my initial consultation with him turned into a diagnosis. I fought back the tears when he said he found the issue. I was able to start treatment that day! I am now pain-free and am grateful to have mobility back! Thank you Dr. Kripsak!"
  • "Dr Kripsak is my athletic healing God! I play a lot of sports and Dr. Kripsak has tended to and cured each and every one of my injuries for over 20 years! I only TRUST him. Most recently I tore my shoulder from years of playing baseball, softball and racquetball. Dr. Kripsak suggested doing Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy. I've never heard about this procedure but as usual, he took his time and explained the whole procedure. All I can say is WOW! I followed Dr Kripsak's advice and within 2 weeks, my shoulder was feeling better. It has been almost 3 months and my shoulder is 95 percent healed – allowing me to play ball once again with comfort. The best part about the PRP procedure was it only took 25 minutes and I didn't need surgery! Dr Kripsak, You're the best! Thanks so much!"
    Mike Matiash
  • "After visiting the orthopaedic surgeon for knee and elbow pain, I was given a knee brace and was advised to either take anti-inflammatories, have cortizone injections, or undergo surgery. I then decided to talk with Dr. Kripsak. As a very active person participating in intense training and instructing fitness classes, I wanted to get back to my normal routine as soon as possible and I wanted a solution, not a band aid. Dr. Kripsak talked with me about PRP, made sure I was educated about the procedure, and I left the office with my appointment card in hand.   Within a week of the procedure I was swimming. Within two weeks I was able to start working my way back to my regular routine and at four weeks, I was leading many of my fitness classes. Now, after six weeks after the procedure, I am working at a high level of intensity and am able to start incorporating higher impact movement and plyometrics back into my routine. The knee brace is collecting dust, there is no need for medication, cortizone shots or surgery. Thank you, Dr. Kripsak!"
  • "Dr. Kripsak is the BEST! I am a triathlete who runs, bikes, and swims. Although all this activity keeps my mind healthy, sometimes my body doesn't feel healthy. That is when I turn to Dr. Kripsak to get me back on track. When I first came to see him I had a tear in my right upper inner thigh. He suggested something called Prolotherapy. I liked that prolotherapy was a natural way to help the problem area rebuild itself. I felt like myself within a short amount of time and that area has not been a problem since. I am a believer and would recommend both Dr. Kripsak and Prolotherapy to my friends."
    Elaine DiDario
  • "Years of construction work wore out my left knee and right shoulder. Months out of work, surgery and financial burden were in my future. Then, Dr. Kripsak came into my life with his PRP and Viscosupplementation procedures. Both the meniscus tear in the knee and torn rotator cuff in the shoulder were treated the same day at his office. Things are so much better now! After my procedure, I only took a week off to rest and then was able to go back to work! The physical therapy afterwards at the Somerset Medical Facility at the Patriot's ballpark was the best. While I am still a work in progress, I will continue to visit Dr. Kripsak and keep on improving. I've already recommended these procedures to others. Thanks, Dr. K!!!"
    Stephen Litwornia
  • "For over 20 years I had a knee problem – arthritis, loose ligaments and then, of late, a slight tear in my lateral meniscus. When I decided to do an Ironman competition, Dr. Kripsak recommended PRP to fix my knee. Since my procedure, I feel great and I’ve been able to really focus on training. PRP has allowed me to realize my dream of becoming a triathlete. "
    Thomas Hofstetter
  • "Before I came to see Dr. Kripsak, I thought I’d have knee pain forever. I had trouble walking and going up and down stairs. After Dr. Kripsak treated me with viscosupplementation, my life changed for the better. I’m moving around pain free for the first time in many, many years! "
    Jonathan Patrowski
  • "Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dr. Kripsak! I suffered with chronic joint pain and tried many different treatments, with no long-term relief. Within days of having prolotherapy, I felt good as new and still feel great! "
    Angela DelVecchio

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