Prolotherapy treatment for pain relief in Bridgewater, NJAlso known as nonsurgical ligament or tendon reconstruction, prolotherapy is used to treat chronic or acute musculoskeletal pain. The treatment causes the proliferation (hence the “prolo” in the name) of new ligament and tendon tissue, thereby strengthening ligaments and tendons that have weakened.

With prolotherapy, a concentrated sugar solution is injected into the painful area, initially causing localized inflammation and irritation. The body responds by increasing the supply of blood and nutrients to the injection site to stimulate production of connective tissue. Pain is reduced and the body is restored to its pre-injury state.

While the number of treatments necessary varies from patient to patient, most people require between four and six injections to experience results. Dr. Kripsak employs prolotherapy for a variety of acute and chronic conditions, including tendonitis, chronic ankle sprains and overuse injuries of the shoulder.


“Dr. Kripsak is an excellent doctor with fantastic ‘people skills’ and knowledge. I had a torn rotator cuff injury. Dr. Kripsak did PRP injections which completely cured the pain. I have fully recovered and can’t thank him enough for the treatments, which alleviated the problem. My shoulder is absolutely fine...”
Suzanne Seilus
“I am so grateful to Dr. Kripsak for his integrity, professionalism and support during my recent PRP procedure on both knees (November 9). After almost ten years of experiencing arthritic pain in my knees, I am happy to report that I am pain-free. It’s still a little unbelievable! After just...”
Karen Flaherty
“Over the course of 10 years no doctor was able to tell me why I was in pain or why I had limited strength and mobility. One doctor suggested a hip replacement when I was 20. I assumed I would live with the pain, grow old with the pain and...”
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