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Sports Medicine Concussion Management

Monitoring recovery from concussion is integral to the healing process and critical to a safe return to sports. Dr. Kripsak treats student athletes after they have sustained a head injury during practice or play and undergone neuropsychological testing. His approach includes an initial evaluation and review of test results, as well as ongoing checks of associated symptoms that include headache, dizziness, problems with concentration and balance, and sleep-, light- and sound-related disturbances.

Treatment for Exercise-Induced Asthma

With growing participation in sports among all ages and skill levels, sports medicine specialists have gained greater awareness of exercise-induced asthma. The condition occurs when air is taken in through the mouth and is not moistened before it reaches the lungs. The lack of moisture causes bronchial spasms that make it difficult to breath. Dr. Kripsak sees adult athletes and student athletes (as young as grammar-school age) suffering from exercise-induced asthma. He reviews symptoms and medical history, performs pulmonary function testing, and prescribes inhalers, vitamin C tablets and other medications as part of an ongoing course of treatment.

In-Office Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

This advanced diagnostic technology offers detailed images of body structures, such as tendons and soft tissue, which cannot be seen on regular x-ray. The images make pathology more evident and can better differentiate a torn tendon from arthritic degeneration, for example. Musculoskeletal ultrasound also can render images while moving a joint, thereby further enabling an accurate diagnosis. Dr. Kripsak’s practice is unique in providing this cost-effective technology, which eliminates the need for MRI.


Orthotics focuses on the application of support devices for the feet, so that patients can walk comfortably and without pain. Dr. Kripsak provides customized orthotic therapy using the Footmaxx system, which integrates static and dynamic imaging of the foot. The system essentially designs tailored orthotics based on how a patient’s foot is structured as well as how it functions (or strikes the ground). Footmaxx orthotics are highly durable and can last for years.


“Dr. Kripsak is an excellent doctor with fantastic ‘people skills’ and knowledge. I had a torn rotator cuff injury. Dr. Kripsak did PRP injections which completely cured the pain. I have fully recovered and can’t thank him enough for the treatments, which alleviated the problem. My shoulder is absolutely fine...”
Suzanne Seilus
“I am so grateful to Dr. Kripsak for his integrity, professionalism and support during my recent PRP procedure on both knees (November 9). After almost ten years of experiencing arthritic pain in my knees, I am happy to report that I am pain-free. It’s still a little unbelievable! After just...”
Karen Flaherty
“Over the course of 10 years no doctor was able to tell me why I was in pain or why I had limited strength and mobility. One doctor suggested a hip replacement when I was 20. I assumed I would live with the pain, grow old with the pain and...”
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