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John P. Kripsak, D.O.

Board certified in both sports medicine and family practice, Dr. Kripsak provides patients with the latest diagnostic and treatment advances in sports medicine.
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Advanced State-of-the-Art Sports Medicine Technology

Dr. Kripsak offers patients a range of minimally invasive high-tech therapeutic procedures that do not require general anesthesia, pose no or low risk of wound infection, and eliminate the need for prolonged physical therapy.
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Return toYour Active Lifestyle

Patients undergoing these advanced office-based procedures experience dramatic improvement in mobility and function, enabling them return quickly to their normal lifestyle.
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Help Prevent Youth Athlete Overuse Injuries


A Pain in the Groin


NFL Concussion Lawsuit Comes to a Close


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RWJ Physicians Enterprise | Bridgewater sports medicine and primary care doctor treats patients of all ages with sports injury, concussion, exercised induced asthma, tendonitis, sprain, strain, ligament tear, osteoarthritis, joint pain, shoulder pain, chronic knee pain and other bone and joint conditions. Dr. Kripsak uses nonsurgical solutions for faster recovery saving you time and money.